What Is Rappelling

Rappelling is a means of using a rope to descend in a controlled manner. In other parts of the world, another term for rappelling is abseiling. While rappelling is a popular sport, it is also used by military, police and rescue services.

This technique is used by climbers, mountaineers, cavers, canyons, search and rescue and rope access technicians to descend cliffs or slopes when they are too steep and/or dangerous to descend without protection. Many climbers use this technique to protect established anchors from damage. Rope access technicians also use this as a method to access difficult-to-reach areas from above for various industrial applications like maintenance, construction, inspection and welding.

To descend safely, abseilers use a variety of techniques increase the friction on the rope to the point where it can be controlled comfortably. These techniques range from wrapping the rope around their body (e.g. The Dülfersitz) to using a custom built device like a rack. Practitioners choose a technique based on speed, safety, weight and other circumstantial concerns.

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When Did Its Start

The origin of the abseil is attributed by Roger Frison-Roche to Jean Charlet-Straton, a Chamonix guide who lived from 1840–1925. Charlet originally devised the technique of the abseil method of roping down during a failed solo attempt of Petit Dru in 1876. After many attempts, some of them solo, he managed to reach the summit of the Petit Dru in 1879 in the company of two other hired Chamonix guides, Prosper Payot and Frédéric Folliguet. During that ascent, Charlet perfected the abseil.

Whats The Best Time To Do It

The best time for hot air ballooning is from October to March when the temperature becomes cooler. The cold climate makes the hot air inside the balloon lighter and enables it to rise and stay up for a longer period. In the cooler months you may want a jacket during the morning but it will not be any cooler in the balloon than it is on the ground. Also, don’t forget your camera or video! There will be many photo opportunities during your ballooning experience.